Mysteriously Enchanted

This essay was for my Craft of Popularization writing class at the University of Baltimore. Our professor asked us to write an essay about “magic, mind reading, psychic phenomena, etc. Is this real? If not, why not and why do some people want it to be real?” My professor praised my essay as “exceptionally well done” and gave me an A.

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Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple

A Visit to the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple

This essay was for my Craft of Popularization writing class at the University of Baltimore. We attended a worship service then wrote about what we saw. Our professor told us “not to settle for the externalities and to explore why people practice certain rites and rituals or recite certain prayers, what these rituals and prayers mean.” My professor gave me an A on this paper, noting it was “almost lyrical and certainly evocative.”

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The Power of Names

This article was an assignment for my Words and Images course at the University of Baltimore. I had to write and design a feature article about a human-interest story in my community. I wrote about the unique street names in Columbia, Maryland. My professor noted it was “one of the best student papers I have read in awhile. Your use of detail and quotation is quite skilled.”

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The Art of Adornment Timeline

This was an assignment for Typography II at the University of Baltimore. Our task was to create a comparative timeline as an exercise in studying typographic history. I compared the history of typographic design with the history of jewelry design and drew conclusions about how design trends for both mediums reflected each other and the time period. Our timeline was meant to be suitable as a museum exhibition handout.

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