Skills: Writing, UX / UI Design

Children’s Digital Collaborative Drawing Tool

User Interaction and User Interface Design School Project

This was a group assignment in my Interaction and Interface Design course at the University of Baltimore. Using the information we had learned over the course of the semester, our group gathered the following ideas and recommendations for the interface and interaction design of an online, collaborative drawing tool design for use by children.

We targeted several problem areas associated with this type of collaboration tool. Then, using information we gathered from research already done we brainstormed ideas on the best interaction design solutions to those specific problems of user management, user collaboration and user awareness. The we put our ideas to the test through paper prototype tests with users. Based on the feedback we received from the paper prototype sessions, we developed an electronic prototype and tested again with users.

By combining our research and the results of both the paper and electronic prototype sessions with users, we were able to develop a list of recommendations for how to solve the interaction and interface issues inherent with this type of collaboration tool designed specifically for children.

Programs & Tools

Balsamiq Mockups, Pencil Mozilla Firefox Extension, Google Drive & Slides


We received an “A” on the final project and my instructor encouraged me consider expanding and publishing my literature review titled ‘Design Heuristics for Children and How They Relate to Participatory Design, Cooperative Inquiry and Usability Testing with Children.’