American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing


The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing revamped their decade-old website. Working within their branding restraints, I produced user interface design comps for three levels of page templates in Adobe XD. I also created a CSS style guide based on my UI designs.


American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN).

Programs & Tools

Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop


AAACN implemented my final UI designs with no changes.

The Reef Project


Winner of the 2015 Best Seminar Project

PBDS 740 Seminar is the capstone course of the University of Baltimore’s Publications Design M.A. program. This course tests and stretches all knowledge and skills students have been learning up to this point. Students conceive a non-profit organization that fills a need in the community (local or international) and then work in teams to analyze its audience, develop a plan for making it public via print and/or other media, and design and write working prototypes.

I conceived The Reef Project after I was lucky enough to see the gorgeous coral reefs of the Caribbean and the Maldives in person. I fell in love with the beauty of coral reefs and all the exotic marine life you can find there. This inspired me to think of ways that anyone, whether they lived near a coral reef or not, could help save this precious natural resource.

As team leader of The Reef Project, I…

  • Created audience profiles
  • Determined the organization’s mission and wrote the vision statement
  • Developed guidelines for measuring the success of initiatives
  • Collaborated on the logo design with team member Becky Ohlhaver
  • Created and designed the Coral Reef Activity Packet (PDF) and Answer Key 
  • Created and designed the Coral Reef Campaign Starter Kit (PDF)
  • Designed and developed The Reef Project’s website and wrote all the web content
  • Wrote the Final Project Document (PDF)
  • Presented the completed project, first to classmates and then to judges
  • Oversaw and enforced schedules, process documentation and other managerial duties

University of Baltimore

The Publications Design graduate degree program.

Programs & Tools

Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop; Power Point; WordPress CMS


The Seminar class of 2015 started with seven teams. After presentations to the class and faculty at the end of the semester, four teams, including The Reef Project, moved on to present their work to a panel of judges from the professional community.

Those judges selected The Reef Project as the winner of the 2015 Kvedar Award for Best Seminar Project.

Car-Free Friday


Encouraging a Community to Drive Less

This was an assignment in Words and Images at the University of Baltimore. I was tasked with identifying an issue or cause that affects members of my community.

My town, Columbia, Maryland, was planned as a pedestrian-friendly community with more than 80 miles of neighborhood pathways. Yet Columbia residents often forget about the pathways and drive everywhere.

So I created a call to action for Car-Free Fridays, urging people to leave their cars at home once a week.

My campaign communications plan included a logo and brand identity, posters, postcards, magazine ads and a website mock ups.

University Of Baltimore

The Publications Design graduate degree program.

Programs & Tools

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop; Canon Rebel XS SLR Camera


I received an “A” on this project and my professors specifically praised my web design work.

Monica Motley Yoga


Monica is famous for her HOT and energetic yoga classes. So she wanted to bring elements of that style into her logo and website.

I created a logo and designed a new website for this Maryland-based yoga teacher. The website included advertising and registrations for Zoom classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am blown away by my incredibly talented digital designer Sarah Poe. A yoga student of mine as well, she was able to capture the alignment and strength of yoga that I love so much with the grace and movement of dance that I am so passionate about... AND top it all off with flecks of gold to represent the fire of transformation and light of inspiration.
Monica Motley

Programs & Tools

Graphic Design / Web design / Wix Website Builder, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop


Monica’s Zoom class registrations almost doubled int the week following the launch of her new website.

Mythic Landing Enterprises


Website Design, Development & Content Management

Mythic Landing Enterprises offers an array of professional services to help businesses succeed. Their knowledgeable, creative, and resourceful team specializes in communications, marketing, business management, and event planning. Based in the heart of Maryland, Mythic Landing Enterprises support U.S. and international clients ranging from one-person start-ups to nationally recognized associations.

I have been doing web design, development and content management on nearly 60 websites for Mythic Landing Enterprises since 2014.

My services have included:

  • Designing and developing responsive, mobile-ready websites using WordPress CMS, the JupiterX theme and the Elementor page builder.
  • Executing the life cycle of 17 new or redesigned websites to date.
  • Creating and editing content and maintaining WordPress for nearly 60 websites.

Programs & Tools

Adobe Photoshop, WordPress CMS with Jupiter/Jupiter X themes and the Elementor page builder.

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